Women Make Excellent Investors

Sep 18, 2014 | Wealth Creation

As CEO of independent wealth management firm LexION Capital, part of my personal mission is to help women see that Wall Street is our street, too. While the Old Boys’ Club culture on Wall Street has continued to thrive throughout my career in investing, I am proud to be part of the movement that is changing the face of finance. I strive to inspire more women to envision a future for themselves as investors.

A 2013 study by tax and audit firm Rothstein Kass, a 2011 Barclays Capital report, and another 2010 report from Hedge Fund Research in association with Price Waterhouse Coopers all returned the same result: women-run hedge funds well outperformed the broader market. Studies like these show what we at LexION already know: that women make smart, strategic, and savvy choices with wealth.

Women tend to take smart risk, avoid reckless behavior, and invest for the long term. These are hallmarks of successful investors. Strong results come from creating thoughtful long-term strategies and sticking to a disciplined approach, rather than trying to time the markets or predict the next big thing.

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