LexION Alpha

Elle Kaplan

Financial Expert

Business Pioneer

Visionary Leader

Within a decade, Elle has gone from $200 in savings to becoming the CEO and Founder of LexION Capital and the CIO of The LexION Alpha Fund. Elle previously spent a decade at Wall Street’s premier firms, and she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Chemistry from the University of Michigan and an Executive MBA in finance from Columbia University.

Elle moved to NYC with a mission to reimagine Wall Street with a firm that operated at a fiduciary level. Her desire to revolutionize finance led to the creation of one of the only women-owned and women-run wealth management firms in the nation.  LexION Capital’s mission – bringing Main Street back to Wall Street – is what drives the fiduciary firm from the ground up.  Every day Elle strives to share “financial advice good enough for your mother” with an honest and ethical approach.

Elle Kaplan is also the Chief Investment Officer of The LexION Alpha Fund – a  quantitative hedge fund.

Elle’s work has granted her the privilege of keynote speaking all over the US. The biggest honor of her career is the ability to speak before women she admires most, including senior female military leaders at The Pentagon.

As a keynote speaker, Elle thrives on inspiring audiences of thousands to approach money and career with a fresh perspective. Her humor, signature sass, and honest advice have earned her the nickname “The Wonder Woman of Wall Street.”

Elle uses her work to help real women: through her charity, mentorship, and entrepreneurial efforts. Whether it’s an institution seeking an investment solution, or a middle-school student needing advice, Elle is proud to help the women she admires demystify investing with honesty.

Today Elle’s vision extends even further through Love the Hustle – a non-profit community teaching women how to earn, do, and be more. The soon-to-be-released Love The Hustle novel will cover financial and entrepreneurial advice through Elle’s real-life experiences. The book is an incredibly entertaining gaze of how anyone can gain the entrepreneurial spirit and become financial savvy.

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