Women In Business: Three Stereotype-breaking Truths

Sep 23, 2014 | Leadership

The world of women in business is nothing like the stereotype. Catfights, competition, or coldness? Try collaboration, connection, and community. The vast majority of business women are supportive and encouraging of their fellow alphanistas. The truth about this secret society of stilettos might surprise you.

  • Women forge connections constantly

Women network in a uniquely social way. We create social connections organically in every type of situation, adding a richer dimension to networking even for business purposes. Through this process, women constantly share information. It’s not chatter and it’s not gossip: it is a powerful means of community building.

  • Women are the ultimate signal-boosters

Going back to that information-sharing initiative: If your product or service helps a woman, you can bet that she is telling her network to try it. At LexION Capital, women come to us for fiduciary wealth management services that they know they can trust. When we work with a woman to manage her or her family’s finances, we frequently end up working with many others in her circle as well.

  • Women build community for the future

Women in business, myself included, actively work to pay it forward to their peers and to the next generation. My female mentors who came before me did so, and as CEO of LexION Capital it is now my turn. Part of my mission is to help change the face of Wall Street, bring financial empowerment to women, and help more women envision a career in finance. And I’m not alone: women in all industries create opportunity and inspiration for rising leaders in their fields.

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