Why Do So Many Of Us Struggle With Motivation?

Sep 7, 2022 | Blog, Health, Mindset

Why do some of us struggle with motivation? How can we improve those different levels of motivation over time? Motivation, otherwise known as the desire or willingness to do something, can be easily accessible to us at some times, while incredibly elusive at others. Understanding how you are motivated can help you to find more energy to act when your motivation is low.

There are two kinds of motivation: Avoidance and Approach. Like yin and yang, the two styles of motivation are defined by their type of energy input. Avoidance is an attempt to pull back from a negative approach is pushing forward to embrace positive change. Evidence provided by Elliot and Thrash indicates the type of motivation you most often experience is a dimension of your personality. Typically, people are not motivated entirely by one or the other kind. Once you stop using an instinctive approach to motivation and understand the difference between Avoidance and Approach it is possible to leverage the benefits of both to obtain your goals.

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