Call to Action: Where Are The Women In Finance?

Oct 16, 2014 | Financial Health, Women on Wall Street

In recent years we’ve seen a rallying cry to support and encourage women pursuing careers in STEM fields. This is fantastic, and I fully support it. I also ask: what about women in finance?

I want to hear a parallel rallying cry for women in the financial industry. It is so important to get more women involved here. I believe, frankly, it will change everything. Until women are well represented in this industry, so many things about the finance world will remain problematic, and these problems have pervasive implications.

The finance industry is a huge part of our economy. On an individual level, our finances underpin every aspect of our lives. Being in control of your financial life is powerful. It allows you to create your own opportunities, realize your dreams, support causes that you care about, take care of yourself and support your loved ones.

On the opposite end, what happens when people – and this disproportionately affects women – are not empowered with knowledge and resources about how to manage their own money? When we consider issues of domestic violence and intimate partner violence, financial control is a major factor, yet we’re largely silent about it’s devestating impact. Lack of financial control and access to financial resources is a huge obstacle preventing women from leaving dangerous relationships. That aspect of domestic violence is real, it’s ugly, and yet it’s not getting the press and attention it should be. Women’s lives are at stake.

This is part of why I care so deeply about changing the conversation around financial matters. It is a major pillar of my mission to bring empowering, client-centric wealth management to all. It ties into why we need more women in finance to provide visible role models and leadership on Wall Street. When everyone is empowered to take charge of their financial life, they can control their future and create their own opportunities.

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