Uncertain Financial Times – Yet Plenty of Promise

Oct 2, 2014 | Financial Health

An entrepreneur’s work never ends, and my job occasionally takes me to meetings all over the U.S. and abroad – so a nod this week goes to Italy. From the soft rolling hills of Tuscany, to delectable white truffles, amazing wine, and architecture galore, Italy is indeed a place flowing with positive energy. It is important, however, to remember that nothing can sit idle: despite its beauty, and its history, Italy is very much a country in cultural and financial flux. With a national unemployment rate upwards of 11%, one in five Italians over the age of 65, and the lowest birthrate in the EU, its future is delicate. And, while I have more to say about gender and the rights of women than could fit in any blog post, the country certainly has a ways to go. Nonetheless, it is a place of great promise.

Here’s to Italy, from the Colosseum to the coast!

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