Taking Control Of Your Financial Life

Sep 30, 2013 | Wealth Creation

It is important and empowering to be in control of your finances. Financial health is a key part of holistic wellness – it is just as significant as any aspect of physical health. Be proactive and get involved in the matters that affect your financial life. After all, you wouldn’t go to the doctor and undergo a procedure without asking what it was for, and your financial health is no different.

However, some investors may prefer to be more or less involved on a regular basis. No matter whether you like to check in more or less frequently, you should still have a basic understanding of all the moving parts that tie in to your wealth.

Whatever your personal preference may be, your advisor should act as a trusted partner who encourages you to be as active as you want to be. If they don’t welcome your involvement and make you feel comfortable to ask questions, it’s time to move on. Your advisor should help you feel confident and empowered to be an active participant in these important conversations. Ask yourself: Does my advisor check in with me to make sure I’m as involved in my financial life as I want to be?


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