Success Or Failure For Your Team Starts With You

Jun 12, 2014 | Entrepreneurship, Leadership

When you build a company from scratch, every person you add to your growing team must be an “A player.” An A player is not just good at her job: she is excellent, innovative, nimble, and flexible in the ever-changing world of a startup. These outstanding individuals are as vital as they are rare. To be perfectly frank, your choices are: A players, or failure.

But again, A players are extremely rare. As an entrepreneur, you’ll find many more “B players,” who are good but not yet exceptional. Ask yourself: Can these people be managed up to A-player level?

However, entrepreneurs beware: A players are consistently excellent, but everyone has their own special areas of strength. Make sure that you are positioning them – and your business – for maximum success, by assigning projects that truly focus on each person’s areas of standout talent.

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