Stay In The Loop Without Breaking The Bank

May 14, 2013 | Budgeting

Helping others live a rich, fulfilling life is key to my personal mission. Spending quality time with the friends, family, and loved ones who are important to you is an important part of a rich life – but socializing can really add up. How can you keep up with your crowd and have fun on a budget?

If you thought lunch out was eating into your savings, don’t even get me started on dinner. Rather than meeting friends at a restaurant, try hosting at home and save a bundle. Even better, have everyone chip in for a potluck. Make your dinner party a weekly or monthly soiree, and you’ll earn yourself a reputation as the best host/hostess in your group—along with a healthier savings account!

The bottom line: Make the focus of your social life on connecting with people rather than going to that exclusive restaurant or the newest hotspot. Low on funds doesn’t have to mean out of the loop – stay in touch with everyone in your circle, and stay on top of your smart-savings plan.


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