How Replace Your Self Doubt With Unshakable Confidence

Apr 5, 2017 | Success

We’ve all had those paralyzing moments where our palms are sweating more than a marathon runner and our heart is hammering at a million times a minute.

You’ve also probably bitten the bullet and pushed those feelings down just enough to get through a presentation or take on a terrifying new venture… only to have them pop up again next time.

What if you could replace fear and self-doubt with unshakable confidence in the moment, rather than pushing your fears down temporarily?

Thankfully, there are some science-backed solutions that can help you develop permanent feelings of self-worth:

Pretend you’re a superhero

We convince ourselves, and that allows us to convince others.” – Amy Cuddy

Harvard Professor and TED Talk Star Amy Cuddy discovered that “fake it ’till you make it” is more than a cliche phrase – there’s a mountain of evidence that convincing yourself that you’re confident instills long-lasting feelings of unshakable confidence.

One brilliant tip Cuddy recommends in her TED Talk is to adopt a “Superhero Pose.” By standing with your back straight and arms confidently rested on your side, you’ll exude self-assurance to others, which will then feed into feelings of confidence upon yourself.

Don’t let the “no’s” affect your own self-worth

You’ll be told “no” more times than you can count, and that doesn’t disappear once you become successful. In fact, it will probably amplify even more once you take on more challenges and make a bigger splash in the pool with your talents.

When rejection starts to interfere with your unshakable confidence, remember that “no” is just someone’s opinion; nothing more. Don’t let one person’s (often flawed viewpoint) affect your feelings of self-worth.

Write down your accomplishments frequently

You can’t and shouldn’t rely on others to notice your accomplishments. No matter what amazing feats you carry out, people have their own lives and business responsibilities to worry about. You’ll rarely see as much praise as you deserve, and you certainly can’t depend on it.

By taking the time to recognize your own accomplishments, you’ll become your own best cheerleader and build unshakable confidence. To get started, jot down 3 wins you’re proud of every day (they don’t have to be major). Psychologists call this Journaling, and its a proven way to boost your self-esteem and keep track of your progress.

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