3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

Aug 25, 2016 | Success

Everyone has their schedule in the a.m., and while yours may be set in stone, there are always ways to improve your morning routine.

Throughout the day we tire our mental muscles and become increasingly sleepy. We wear ourselves out and have decreased concentration and self-control. The morning hours are crucial for getting important work done, and therefore we must use them in the most productive way possible. This doesn’t mean jumping into emails and Instagram before we’ve even had our coffee, but it does mean establishing habits that will keep us productive even as the day wears on.

Here are three ways to improve your morning routine that will result in big success: 

Keep clean

You’ve probably heard before that a clean workspace represents a clean mind – so why not start with a clear head in the morning?

To ramp up your morning routine, make sure your desk is clear the night before so that you can start your morning fresh and organized. If you have an extra five minutes before heading off to work and your space isn’t looking clean, take that time to quickly stack and rearrange the area so that you don’t come home to chaos. Keeping our personal spaces at home clean and organized gives us time to pay attention to our jobs at work, instead of having another task to worry about.

Avoid electronics until you’ve taken time for yourself

Immediately turning to our phones before we’ve even left bed leaches our productivity and makes us more distracted throughout the day. We become immersed in other people’s expectations before we take the time for ourselves. Before checking email or the texts you’ve received overnight, take fifteen minutes to start the day without catering to other people’s needs. Take this time to feel calm and centered. By taking time for yourself, it won’t only improve your morning routine, but will boost your productivity throughout the day.

Drink water before coffee

I know, I know, coffee is the godsend that keeps us running throughout the workweek (at least, for me it does). Starting the day without coffee immediately may sound like the beginning of a horror movie, but it may be one of the healthiest changes you can make. By drinking lemon water instead of coffee we give ourselves consistent, natural energy that lasts the whole day instead of just an hour and a half. It also improves nutrient absorption in the stomach. Wait fifteen minutes after drinking lemon water before eating anything, and enjoy a healthier habit before turning to a double cappuccino.

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