The Secret Behind “Overnight” Success

May 13, 2014 | Entrepreneurship, Goal-setting

No matter what the headlines say, the “next big thing” didn’t just spring into action overnight. Great ideas and great businesses take time. For every success story that looks instantaneous, know that it took years of hard work behind the scenes to set the stage.

The inspiration for LexION Capital arose nearly a decade before I could actually found the firm. Early in my Wall Street career, I quickly saw the need for a client-centric approach in wealth management. Too often, the interests of the firm were placed above the interests of clients. I wanted to do things differently. As I searched in vain for a firm that upheld my values, the thought of creating my own began to simmer.

Ultimately, after years of careful planning, I did just that: when I couldn’t find a fiduciary wealth management firm that was ethical, transparent, and inclusive, I founded LexION Capital to fill the void.

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