One Thing Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs Can’t Forget

Dec 9, 2014 | Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Success

Entrepreneurs are dreamers. Successful entrepreneurs are those who can turn vision into action by translating their dreams into a profitable product or service. To do that, your entire team needs to be on board with that vision. Otherwise, you risk things getting lost in translation.

As CEO, you have another title, and it’s equally important: Chief Vision Officer. As business leader, it is your job to set the tone and culture for your company. An essential part of that lies in connecting everyone’s work to the overall mission. Mission-driven entrepreneurs might take for granted that everyone feels the same way about your vision that you do. You live, work, eat, sleep, and breathe this idea. Your team surely cares about the mission of the company, but there is still a critical role you play as Chief Vision Officer in connecting all of the day-to-day work back to the bigger picture. Every person on your team needs to know that their work is a valued part of something more. With that kind of ethos, employees are more engaged, more driven, and much happier at work. Your whole business benefits.

Entrepreneurs can tend to forget this lesson, but you cannot take it lightly. If your team doesn’t feel connected to the company’s larger purpose, that’s no small hurdle – it’s a major obstacle to your success. Your work as CVO is cut out for you: one team, one dream.

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