Make Your Money Work For You

Mar 13, 2013 | Wealth Creation

Pop quiz: Think about every millionaire and billionaire you know of. What do they all have in common that you may or may not have? An investment account.

It’s time to lose the idea that investing is either a) boring, or b) something that should be postponed until you “have more money.” Not true!

To open an investment account is to do something luxurious and nurturing for yourself. Have you already planned what you’ll do with your upcoming tax return? Maybe, like many people, you’re thinking of using it to treat yourself to something indulgent that you wouldn’t normally buy. Think of it this way: an investment account is the spa treatment that keeps on giving. Paying your future self is smart and savvy – you should feel fantastic about that.

I am a huge advocate of living your best, most fulfilling life, and of course that includes allowing yourself the occasional treat. However, taking care of yourself means taking a long-term look ahead, rather than living solely in the moment. To live a full life, now and in the future, you want to make the most of your means. You’ve worked hard to amass your savings, so that money should work just as hard for you. Investing can be fun and lucrative, and setting up an investment account today is an excellent way to treat yourself to the bright financial future you deserve.

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