LexION Capital: Made In America

Sep 4, 2014 | Leadership

In reflecting on Labor Day this past week, I thought about one of my favorite parts of running LexION Capital: the opportunity to create jobs for talented, mission-driven people.

In my column for Inc. this week, I wrote about being “tapped” – hearing a calling to work for a cause you never expected. That was the case with me when I first went to work on Wall Street. I knew that I wanted to learn to use finance to help empower people, but what I didn’t realize was that I’d soon be inspired to a much larger mission: building a better Wall Street for all. When I couldn’t find a wealth management firm that fit my values – independent, transparent, ethical, incredibly client-centric, and supportive of women‘s needs – I founded my own. That’s why LexION Capital is a leading independent fiduciary wealth manager: it might have been easier or faster to set up the firm as a broker, but that would have fallen far short of the high standards that are woven into our mission.

My entrepreneurial journey has been fascinating, challenging, and incredibly rewarding. And building a terrific team of people who are dedicated to the LexION mission is a key part of that. We are building more than a company – we are building a movement.

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