Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, Inspired By Women Entrepreneurs

Nov 19, 2014 | Entrepreneurship, inspiration, Leadership

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at my alma mater, Columbia University, with Columbia Women in Business. As a guest of Self Magazine, I spoke as part of a “Self-Made” panel of women entrepreneurs. The subject of this presentation – women and entrepreneurship – became the weekly catION, which is a brief team-wide talk we have at LexION Capital on Monday mornings to highlight inspirational leaders and changemakers.

As women entrepreneurs, we are all answering our own unique questions by building businesses and creating opportunities for change. Every product that you see on the grocery store shelf, in the aisles of your drugstore, every service and new app you take part in – that’s the answer to a question that inspired someone.

These questions relate to our diverse and wonderful definitions of success. One person’s definition may be to start an impactful non-profit in their local community. Someone else’s might be to create an ingenious¬†perfume that doubles as bug spray. These might not be the same things that wake me up in the morning, but they are a powerful push for others to get fired up, make progress, and create change.

The questions we ask also change, evolve, and grow as we do. When I first started on Wall Street, my driving question was: how can I learn to use finance to serve someone like my mom, a smart, hardworking lady who needs help with her finances from someone that she can trust? After over a decade on the Street, that question has deepened and expanded. I found myself asking, how can we build a better Wall Street? How can we break barriers and make a wealth management solution that helps all families? How do we make this accessible to more and more people? The answers to these questions became my independent wealth management firm, LexION Capital.

What inspires you? What questions do you dream of answering? In what ways are you excited to create solutions and fill a void? Is entrepreneurship a way to create that solution?

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