Monday Inspiration For Your Whole Workweek

Aug 4, 2014 | Entrepreneurship, Leadership

TGIF? Try TGIM! There’s an easy way to boost yourself and your team for the entire week ahead, and it only takes ten minutes on Monday morning.

Every Monday at my wealth management firm, LexION Capital, I make a short presentation we call a “catION.” In chemistry, a cation is a positive charge, and at LexION our catIONs are a positive nod to anyone who exemplifies LexION Capital’s core values of independent, empowering, client-centric wealth management. All of our employees conference in for the call. We highlight a game-changing entrepreneur, a team member who’s done outstanding work, or an important figure who is changing their field. We discuss how we can continue to learn and grow from their example. This one spark of positive energy carries through the entire week.

What can you do in your company to help your team feel connected to each other and the mission? How can you inspire yourself and your team to hit the ground running for a better, more productive week?

Happy Monday!

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