A Question Every Investor Should Ask

Sep 23, 2013 | Independent fiduciary

Ask yourself: Do I have access to the best possible investment products?

You want a completely independent advisor who is beholden to no one but you, the client. Banks and brokers push particular investment products for all kinds of reasons, and “because they are the best possible choice for clients” does not necessarily top that list. Do they sell self-branded mutual funds (or self-branded anything)? This limited, product-based approach does not offer you the access that an independent wealth management firm, like LexION Capital, can give.

There are no “LexION mutual funds.” Unlike in the world of retail banking and brokers who can access only a limited, pre-determined list of investment products, Lexion has the freedom to select the best possible investment opportunities from all over the globe. We have no products, and we are able to stay nimble because we are free of a large, bureaucratic bank. LexION’s independence is essential, so that we can offer clients access to the best available investments from every asset class, geography, and market.

If your advisor can only offer you choices from a prescribed, pre-determined list, you will simply not have access to the best investment opportunities out there. An independent fiduciary advisor can create investment solutions that are truly customized for your needs.


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