How to Maximize Teamwork Effectively in Your Office

Jun 30, 2015 | Leadership

When you expand your business and your team as an entrepreneur it’s important to focus on making your team work as efficiently as possible. You can’t assume that just because your team is working together that they are actually working together effectively.

That is why we use elements of holacracy at LexION Capital. With this system, everyone has the opportunity to be a leader. This starts with our daily meetings, where we approach our work collectively and work through problems as a team. Rather than focusing on job titles or descriptions, we source the best ideas from everyone. We push every team member to be proactive, take initiative, and be involved across all aspects of our work – the philosophy extends to the walls of our office, where anyone is free to put an inspirational quote up.

Here are a few ways to put this approach in place:

• Approach and encourage new ideas together:

You can encourage employees to submit ongoing suggestions and ideas to improve your company, and then approach them as a team. The best thinking comes together when you source everybody’s unique ideas and skills.

• Inspire vigorous debate:

Employees should feel free to discuss any possible gaps in their company’s progress without fear in order to move the business forward.

• Have set roles in team meetings, but rotate the roles:

Having a set leader (and other roles) for each discussion allows for extremely efficient meetings and avoids the huge drain of time and money of a typical office meeting. However, don’t assign roles based on traditional hierarchies – instead, leadership of the discussion for a task is based on who is best positioned to have ownership of that project.

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