How to Build a Successful Small Business

Sep 3, 2015 | Entrepreneurship

As the CEO and founder of LexION Capital, a fiduciary wealth management firm, I am able to speak from a dual perspective; so it is no surprise that my clients often come to me seeking advice not only about their finances, but also about their own projects and small businesses. They trust in my abilities to manage their wealth, and are confident that the advice I can provide will help them as entrepreneurs.

Sharing is caring, but value your time

My clients respect the advice I give them because they have seen me manage their wealth effectively, and good advice is not a one-way street. One of the greatest aspects of running your own company is the opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow entrepreneurs.  That being said, as important as it is to exchange and share ideas, it’s essential to value your own time. Exchanging ideas and experiences is mutually beneficial; just remember it is important to give and to receive.

Think outside the box

Some of the best companies have been successful not because they had a million dollars to invest, but rather they knew a thing or two about being resourceful. Being scrappy and nimble and being able to adjust your plan to whatever curve ball may come your way is essential to seeing your small business succeed.

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