How Small Business Owners Can Solve Problems Before They Happen

Nov 20, 2015 | Entrepreneurship

I’ve learned that the best entrepreneurs are the ones that are able to effectively think ahead before a problem becomes a real issue. Knowing how to react under pressure and being able to keep cool, calm and collected in even what might seem like the worst of situations is one of the keys to running a successful business.

One of the key lessons I have learned since starting LexION Capital is that problems are often blessings in disguise. Some of the best entrepreneurs I know are able to approach any business issue with a clear head and rational perspective – and you can do the same!

Here are my tips for solving any business problem before it becomes one:

  1. Prepare for the worst – before it happens

I’ve talked a lot about preparation in previous posts when I discussed knowing your runway, and some of that advice is applicable here. When creating a business we often imagine the best case scenario, but conversely, we should also consider (and prepare for) the worst. This way, if it happens, you won’t be surprised and you’ll have a solution at hand.

  1. Think Positive!

Having a positive approach in life and in business is essential to your success. The more you think “I can’t do it,” then your chances for actually accomplishing something are going to be significantly decreased. Instead, think about how you can do it and try to maintain a positive approach. Of course, thinking positively doesn’t mean you should also be blind to issues that arise.

  1. Think differently

As the old adage goes; “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade!” And I truly believe that, too. Being able to reframe a problem and viewing it as an opportunity is important to creating a successful business. Whether you’re a small business owner or the head of a corporate division, your ability to reframe a problem as an opportunity might mean your ultimate success or failure.

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