How Entrepreneurs Can Become Great Leaders

Sep 14, 2015 | Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur and CEO of my own wealth management firm, I have learned the difference between the necessary skills and skills and qualities required of a great leader vs. those of a great manager. However, the two are certainly not one and the same. While leaders can certainly manage their team (and manage well), managers don’t necessarily lead, at least not in the way leaders do. So, what’s the difference?

Confidence is Key

Entrepreneurs who strive to become great leaders have confidence, and even when they don’t, their team won’t ever know it. To be a great leader means to inspire your team to work and strive to willingly deliver their best. That is because great leaders keep a goal in mind, and their confidence inspires you to believe in their dream. As a member of the team, you want to follow your leader and bring his or her idea to life because that individual’s confidence has convinced you that their goal is ultimately worth pursuing.

Great leaders are able to inspire their team to do better, everyday, and it is important for entrepreneurs who want to build successful businesses to learn this trait.

As entrepreneurs, you may be worried about the daily logistics of running your own small business or firm. This is normal and happens to even the most successful and powerful CEO’s.  However, by never losing sight of your goal and displaying confidence you will inspire your team, and you will even feel better about whatever’s concerning you.

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