Financial Health Starts With Smart Money Habits

Jul 16, 2013 | Budgeting

Shifting to a financially healthier lifestyle is not as tall an order as it may seem. In many ways, our spending habits are just that – habits. When we get accustomed to a particular routine – eating a certain way, shopping in certain stores, our everyday commute – we may start thinking of it as necessary. It’s time to adjust that mindset. The series of budget tips I’ve developed is designed to show you that you absolutely have the power to shake up that routine, and transform your daily grind into the foundation for a happy and financially healthy future.

In investing, small beginnings can have huge results. Your personal financial health is no different. So consider this your thirty-day challenge: how much can you do in one month? Which budget-trimming tips seem the most applicable and fun for you? Start with those, and I think you’ll be surprised what you can build from there.

Whether you’re a frugal person who wants to save even more or a lavish spender who is totally new to the idea of nest egg, it’s never too late – or too soon! – to introduce new habits into your old routine.

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