My original inspiration for starting my independent wealth management firm, LexION Capital, came from my mom. Seeing the lack of trustworthy options for financial advice she faced, and especially the lack of options that addressed the unique financial needs women face, made me realize we needed a safe space for women on Wall Street.

I dreamed of creating a firm that would fit that bill. While women make excellent investors, our lifetime financial needs are a bit different. Women tend to live longer, we are paid less, we are more likely to take time out of the workforce for family reasons…and while none of us are really taught about finance in school, women especially don’t have many role models in this space who are female. When we think of bankers and Wall Street, we don’t typically picture a woman.

I want to change that. I want to help people re-imagine Wall Street and change the face of finance.

Some major banks have a “women’s division.” Frankly, I find that to be a bit belittling, painted-pink approach. It’s merely clever marketing, as opposed to a serious fiduciary level approach that is built from the ground up to be mindful and to keep the specific concerns of a woman client in mind. I am so proud to serve, as I often put it, women and their families. LexION has clients who are women, clients who are men, clients who are non-traditional families, and clients who are traditional families. We are a place where everyone is welcome – especially people who have been shut out of being accepted on traditional Wall Street.

Taking control of your financial life is about having choices and freedom, creating the means to create memorable experiences, support your loved ones and causes you believe in, to reach your goals. It’s about options. This philosophy got me, ultimately, to a place where I could start my company my way, on my own.

I want everyone who reads my story to think, “If she can do it, I can do it.” Maybe your dream isn’t to be a CEO or start a wealth management firm. But whatever your dream is, know that with smart steps, and by taking control of your finances, you can create financial freedom and make it happen.

What will you do by taking control of your financial life?

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