A Fiduciary Firm: We Do Things Differently

Oct 19, 2011 | Independent fiduciary


I have spent most of my finance career wondering if I was in a Saturday Night Live skit gone wrong, or at work. As a critical thinker, I was never very good at “parroting” the messages that Wall Street’s legal and compliance departments told me to. And outside of real theater, I don’t like to memorize scripts. Yes, scripts. The problems and conflicts of interest seemed insurmountable, and the “advice” (truly a product-pushing solution) was sorely lacking.

I came up with the idea of LexION Capital Management–a client-centric, independent, fiduciary wealth management firm–a long time ago. However, my dreams were invigorated when three clients (thank you B!, M! and B!), all independently of one another, urged me to set up my own firm and manage their finances. One of them even named the firm!

I look forward to hearing from you and offering up R&R! Rants and raves, that is….this is Wall Street, there is no relaxing!

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