An Evening of Empowering Women: Women of the Year

Nov 11, 2014 | inspiration, Leadership, Women on Wall Street

Last night, I was thrilled to be a guest at Condé Nast and Glamour Magazine’s annual Women of the Year awards. Each year that I have had the chance to attend this wonderfully inspiring event, I’ve left feeling invigorated and excited to tackle the work that lies ahead.

We heard from an incredible group of women, and I heartily agree with honoree Chelsea Clinton when she says, “I’ve always had a sense of optimism that the world really can get better…The sense of the impossible diminishes with each small step.” As a young woman working my way up Wall Street, at times my frustrations about how women were treated left me disappointed and discouraged. Yet I never lost my belief that there was a better way. This persistence is what led me to continue searching for the kind of wealth management firm that I dreamed of and believed was possible: an open, inclusive, ethical place that empowers clients and respects the unique financial needs of women. The search for that kind of firm ultimately led me to create my own, LexION Capital. And this in turn brought me full circle with my original mission, which was inspired by my own hardworking Mom: use finance to help empower women and the families they love.

Today as CEO of LexION Capital I work to make fiduciary wealth management accessible to more people and families. I strive to give the clients I am honored to serve the same sense of possibility, opportunity, and excitement that I felt when listening to the honorees last night. Taking charge of your financial life is one of the most important, empowering things a person can do for her future. I want to help everyone feel comfortable and confident to do so, and open doors for their dreams.

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