Stop Pouring Money Down the Drain

May 6, 2013 | Budgeting

These days, we drink a lot of bottled water – nearly four times as much as we did about 25 years ago, according to the Worldwatch Institute. Here’s the thing: that (unnecessary) habit is sending money straight down the drain.

If a family of four drinks the recommended eight 8-oz glasses of water per day, that amounts to sixteen 16-oz bottles. At $8 or more for a case of 24 bottles, that’s close to two thousand dollars a year—for something you could be getting completely free. (And that’s assuming you buy in bulk.)

The worst part is, the vast majority of the price tag on bottled water pays for everything except the water.  The cost of packaging, labeling, shipping, bottling, even advertising is what leaves your wallet thirsty!

Cost-wise, and health wise, you’re much better off simply drinking from the tap and purchasing reusable water bottles for as little as $10 each. If taste or filtration is an issue, you could select a filtration system that attaches to your faucet, or a pitcher with a built in filter. With that small initial investment, you’ll be saving hundreds in the long run.

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