A Winning Strategy – On The Field, And In Investing

Feb 10, 2012 | Investment strategy

With the Giant’s Super Bowl XLVI win this past Sunday, New York continues to be an extremely exciting place.  However, during the course of the football season, there were many naysayers, who couldn’t have imagined the Big Apple becoming the reigning national championship city.  In fact, there were fumbles, incomplete passes and mishaps over the course of the season that probably had some fans wondering if Eli Manning and his team could ever pull this off.  Ultimately, they did – and the New York Giants won their third Super Bowl!

How the Giants accomplished this impressive feat is a lot like creating a winning investment portfolio.  Eli Manning could not have won this game alone.  He worked with his team strategically throughout the game, and each player used his skills to pass, catch and score.  They worked together and won as a team.

At LexION Capital Management, that’s exactly what we do, too.  With more than a decade of experience in investment banking, institutional trading and private wealth management, we work together to analyze all of your options.  By looking at your goals in both the short and long term, we take a strategic and thoughtful approach to entire financial plan.  What’s more, as an independent and fee-only wealth manager, we provide you with a customized investment plan with best-in-class options.  We’re thrilled for the Super Bowl Champs, and we also couldn’t be more proud of our clients.  We work tirelessly to continue to provide elite wealth management advice that continues to protect and build wealth.  We also continuously try to inspire our clients — just like those New York Giants.

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