Create Your Own Opportunities

Nov 25, 2014 | Goal-setting, inspiration, Investing for families, Success

With the Thanksgiving holiday this week, we at LexION are focusing on what we are thankful for. When we take a moment to reflect on those things we’re truly grateful for, those things that make our lives rich, the list includes things like family, friends, health, and exciting opportunities.

Despite the fact that I run a wealth management firm, I’ll be the first to say I hope that money is not at the top of anyone’s list of things to be grateful for. Money is a kind of fuel for special things: it allows us to create wonderful experiences with our loved ones, to provide for our families, to make opportunities and support important causes. It fuels our goals, our ideas, and our interests. But money for money’s sake is not meaningful or fulfilling. Rather, I believe that we are made to want to set goals and go after them. We are successful when we have something to work toward, when we set our own objectives and take action to meet them. We don’t always get there–or at least we don’t always get there as quickly as we thought we might (I don’t!)–but that’s okay. We feel thankful when we do meet that goal.

However, meeting a goal is never the end of any journey to success. It’s something to celebrate, before continuing to push ourselves and grow by pursuing even bigger goals. It’s this spirit that I hope to bring to wealth management: using money as a tool to turn dreams into reality, and to create your own opportunities to keep dreaming bigger.

At LexION, we are all for using money to support and create wonderful things. We embody this in our motto: “Create the life you deserve.” One very important thing I feel thankful for in my own life is the opportunity to do what I do every day as CEO of LexION. We help empower people to make their dreams a reality. I am always honored to be able to serve our clients as they work toward their goals. It is a privilege to be a part of so many people’s journeys.

What opportunities are you giving thanks for this season? What in your life inspires gratitude?


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