Entrepreneurs Create Company Culture

Sep 8, 2014 | Entrepreneurship, Leadership

CEOs are the keepers of culture. As business leader, it is your job to set the tone. The company culture starts with you and reverberates throughout your whole organization. That’s true no matter how large or small your business.

Growing startup or large corporation, here are ways to keep your company culture strong.

  • Institute policies that serve as checks and balances.

At LexION Capital, I involve all employees in giving 360-degree feedback. Every member of the team is encouraged to submit anonymous input on any issue, at any time. This helps us access creative solutions to all kinds of problems, and it also protects our mission-driven culture by quickly signaling anything out of step with our values-based approach. No “jerk factor” here!

Everyone needs to feel that their work is connected to something larger. You are a vital link between your team and the overall culture: everyone takes their cue from the example you set. While this is true in every department, it’s especially important for your Sales team, who are direct ambassadors of your business to the outside world. Working closely with them is something you can’t delegate.

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