Behavior Follows Belief

Apr 30, 2012 | Goal-setting

How many times do we look at one aspect of our lives or another—be it weight, stress, or finances—and wish it were different? Or that we knew how to change it?  As I have mentioned, we are creatures of habit; financial habits are no exception, good and bad. The everyday aspects of our daily lives have become second nature to us. So, how do we change what is already ingrained in our routine?

Well, in order to successfully modify a part of your life, you need to first believe that these changes are possible. Regardless of the issues you might struggle with, the key to any lifestyle change is belief; without it, you will not have the motivating force to achieve your goals. Be positive that you can overcome any problem you might face.

There are countless resources out there, from a plethora of calorie counting apps to classes on meditation and yoga. Finance is no different: and are just two helpful resources. Don’t be afraid to research which resource will best assist you. Find your favorite, and utilize it to your best advantage.

A wise investor begins with a goal in mind, then builds a strategy that supports that goal. Research, self-education, and mapping out key steps along the way are all vital to that process. We all start somewhere: no one is born understanding finance. Rather, we must educate ourselves and take proactive steps to be informed about our finances and take control of our financial lives. Every big goal can be approached the same way.

First and foremost, believe that you can be successful and your behavior will follow.

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