Why Entrepreneurs Need To Find The Right Business Coach

Jul 28, 2014 | Entrepreneurship

Last week, I wrote about the one resource of which a CEO is always in critically short supply: honest feedback. A business coach is one possible solution to that problem. Follow these tips to find the coach who can ramp up your leadership skills.

Some business coaches I interviewed were more akin to what I look for in a yoga teacher than a coach who can push me to grow as an entrepreneur. My coach today, a West Point alum and former Marine Corps Captain, is definitely tough. His no-nonsense style and strategic perspective is a great match for my own style, which is to be direct and even blunt.

  • Always ask about their training and certifications.

There is no official degree needed to call yourself “Coach.” Use your judgement, and be sure to ask about a potential coach’s qualifications for the role.

  • You must find a coach with relevant experience. 

Plenty of people might have ideas about business, but experience speaks for itself. For example, I am always challenging myself to make sure that what I do day to day as an entrepreneur aligns in the best possible way with LexION Capital’s mission of serving our clients and building a better Wall Street for all. As a high-level strategist, my coach is excellent at helping me do that.

What kind of businesses has your coach created and worked with? What stage of business growth do they specialize in? What success stories do they have?

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