Building Your Company Culture Is A Constant Process

Dec 16, 2014 | Entrepreneurship, inspiration, Leadership

To start off every week, I hold a brief meeting with my team to talk about inspirational and exemplary work. Diving into a busy week with an infusion of positive energy serves as an important piece of LexION’s culture, as well as a touchpoint for discussing our values and mission as a company.

LexION Capital has a very unique company culture. This is very deliberate, and essential to our mission of changing the face of Wall Street. So what strengthens a culture versus weakens it? In every kind of business, the answer is the people. These are three important objectives of our firm, which are ultimately carried out by the dedicated members of the LexION team:

  • Client-centric service.

Our culture is one of client obsession. Everyone here works vigorously to serve the best interests of our clients in everything we do.

  • Responsibility and creating change through leading by example.

Our culture is one of ownership. Each member of the LexION team thinks of whatever they’re doing as a project that they own. No one here would ever sacrifice long-term value to get something done in the short term. No one here would ever say, “That’s not my job.”

  • Disruption of the status quo.

Our culture is one of innovation. LexION Capital is on a mission to re-invent Wall Street. We work to disrupt the old-boys-club ethos that is so entrenched in Wall Street’s culture and business practices. Everyone here brings this same spirit of innovation and questioning to their daily work. We are constantly looking for ways to invent better systems and simplify existing ones, so that we streamline our work in a way that can be replicated and benefits both our internal team and our external clients.

When you build a business from the ground up, you get to create something truly special. Part of this is building your company culture, which is something a CEO can never delegate. There must be a strong foundation for the whole business to stand on. Then, your culture must constantly be reinforced and strengthened, within your work and by the collaborative efforts of your whole team.

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