Authentic Leadership Comes Down To Core Values

Jun 4, 2014 | Entrepreneurship, Leadership

How do you remain true to your mission and values, while leading an authentic and successful – profitable – company? When I founded my independent wealth management firm LexION Capital, I set out to prove that a mission-driven, client-centric alternative could exist in wealth management. Every day, LexION demonstrates that ethics and profits don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We uphold our fiduciary standard and our values-based approach, while doing well as a company. As an American business owner, I am proud to have the honor of creating jobs for a team of talented, hardworking people.

Nonetheless, is there a risk, however slim, that an entrepreneur could lose touch with what first inspired their work amidst the demands of running a company? Of course. That’s true of any business leader. So at LexION, we build in strong practices to ensure that never happens.

We constantly drill down to our LexION’s fundamentals–our independence, our fiduciary standard, and our client-centric approach. Everything comes back to our core values. They motivate and guide everything we do for our clients. In the early days, I printed and framed the thank you letters from clients, words of praise from press features, and other good vibes about LexION’s work. They served as tangible evidence of why it all matters: empowering our clients through ethical, transparent wealth management, and helping to build a better Wall Street for all.

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