5 Ways To Save Money This Holiday Season

Dec 3, 2014 | Budgeting, Financial Health

The holiday season can fly by. To stay on track through the whirlwind and get ready for a happy and financially healthy New Year, plan ahead with a few ways to save money this holiday season.


  • Make a plan. Before you dive into these busy weeks, map out what you expect to spend (gifts, food, travel). If you haven’t already started shopping for gifts, you can set a specific limit so that you know in advance how much you will spend. This way, there are no significant surprises in the New Year!
  • Volunteer with your family. Holiday outings are fun, but they can add up. To make a different kind of meaningful holiday memory, find an opportunity to give back to your community. Not only does this help your community, it helps bring your family closer, and it helps everyone appreciate the meaning of the holidays.
  • Get creative with gifts. A homemade gift shows the recipient that you not only thought of them, but gave the gift of time to create something unique and personal that was made with love. I infuse my own organic vodka with fresh ingredients, everything from vanilla bean to pineapple to chili pepper. I label and package the vodka myself to give to friends. I also make homemade dog biscuits for my friends’ pets.
  • Hosting a holiday meal? Make it a potluck. For a budget-friendly way to hold a lovely holiday gathering, get everyone involved in the celebration by asking your guests to bring their own dishes. It is financially healthier for you, and it is fun for everyone else. After all, this is about spending quality time with loved ones rather than throwing the “perfect” party, so why not have everyone be a part of the celebration?
  • Most of all, spend what really matters. Your most precious resource is not your money, but your time. Presents and price tags are really not what is important during this special season. The memories and experiences you share with friends and family are the true gifts.
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