4 Mental Habits That Will Make You More Successful

May 31, 2016 | Entrepreneurship

Becoming more successful often isn’t about what you do differently; it’s about your change in attitude and thinking. That’s why there are some vital mental habits that will make you more successful. Start incorporating these into your workday, and you’ll be amazed at how far ahead you get:

Be open to (a lot) of change

Change is usually uncomfortable. Whether it’s in a relationship, career, or anywhere else in life, most of us don’t look forward to drastic adjustments in our routines. The cold hard truth however is that change is pretty much always necessary for more achievements and success. As Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Although this can appear uncomfortable, embracing uncertainty is one the most important mental habits that will make you more successful. By starting to reframe uncertainty in this light, you can begin utilizing this mindset today.

Only focus on competing with yourself

There’s a huge misconception that success in business involves stepping on others’ toes and having cutthroat competitions with co-workers. That mentality not only creates a really lousy work environment, but it also drains away your success and happiness.

Truly successful people rise above all this by only competing with one person: themselves. You should also know that it’s a mental habit that will make you more successful: competing with the Joneses isn’t only a waste of time, but can bring really unpleasant emotions into the workplace.

Cut down on decision making

There are plenty of decisions you have to make daily in business, and when they pile up, paralyzing decision overload sets in.

That’s why successful people know that pairing down decisions is a mental habit that will make you more successful by keeping your mental energy reserved for the important choices. For example, Barack Obama wears a grey suit daily because he has plenty of other important things to decide. Even if you don’t want to sacrifice fashion, you should take a look at what daily tasks you can automate or develop systems for to start trimming down your decision pile.

Avoid multitasking

Yet another misconception is that successful people are constantly multitasking and tackling multiple projects at once. In fact, it’s something that’s written in almost every job post as a desired trait. Science would like to have a word in this discussion, because multitasking has been proven to greatly detract from the quality of all the work you’re juggling.

Rather than multitasking, you’d be much better served by prioritizing your workload. So start focusing on one thing at a time: it’s a mental habit that will make you more successful across the board.

Do you have any mental habits that have boosted your success? I want to hear them!



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