4 Leadership Phrases You Need to Start Using

Apr 19, 2016 | Leadership

Your biggest leadership tool is free, unlimited, and right at the tip of your tongue.

That’s right: it’s your words. The right leadership phrases can take your team’s success to the next level.

Here are some leadership phrases you should throw in your vocabulary to elevate, inspire, and motivate:

“We can do it”

The more times you repeat this phrase the more your team will believe it. Say it enough and you’ll instill the mentality that everything is possible.

This doesn’t mean that you should be a hopeless optimist – realistic deadlines and goals should still be as clear as ever. However, successful entrepreneurs never say “it can’t be done” right off the bat, so don’t go there.

“Good job”

During a busy workday, this leadership phrase usually gets left in the dust. Even I’ve been guilty of only using my precious seconds to correct the team when something goes wrong.

When you encounter one of those hectic days, keep this in mind: Harvard Studies have found that teams are far more successful when they receive more positive feedback than negative. Even if you can’t maintain that ratio, say this leadership phrase every once and a while – those few spent seconds will make your team incredibly appreciative.

“That was worth it”

Your team is (hopefully) after more than just a paycheck. Part of this falls on you as a leader – you need to connect the dots between an employee’s daily grind and the big picture. That’s why this leadership phrase is so valuable – showing employees why their work is worth it will go a lot farther than a raise.

“Tell me more”

Even though this blog is about leadership phrases, one of the best ways to be a leader is to say nothing at all. I felt I had to include this because it’s a huge misconception that leadership involves talking others’ ears off.

By practicing active listening, you can truly communicate like a leader and show your team that you value their opinion.

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