3 Ways to Become Smarter During Your Free Time

Jul 6, 2016 | Entrepreneurship

In the fast-paced age of deliveries and binge-watching shows, it is easy to become distracted and allow laziness to take over. However there are small changes we can make every single day in order to be smarter people, while still enjoying our coveted free time. Here are three simple ways to become a smarter and more successful person during those rare free moments.

Don’t let yourself be bored.

Boredom is the death of creativity and intelligence. Keep your mind active by going outside, or learning to code (a very important skill in our ultra-fast age of technology). Letting ourselves become too bored means letting inspiration and productivity fly out the window. Take back control and try something new. Using our free time to go the extra mile and invest in new skills makes us better able to react and respond to a wider variety of problems and situations.

Read the news.

Reading the news not only makes us smarter, but it also creates better citizens and future entrepreneurs. It is important to be critical of news sources, but it is crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs to be in touch with what is happening in other countries and understand why certain events occur. In general, reading the news improves our memories and makes us smarter people.

Listen to smart people and learn from them.

Quite simply, smart people make others smart. Start your day by listening to a TED talk over breakfast, or listen to a podcast before you fall asleep. Even reading one intellectual article a day boosts brainpower like a quick run for our minds. Not only is listening to smart people good exercise for our brains, but it inspires us as well. Intelligent and wealthy people never stop at what they already know; instead they understand that listening to other successful individuals is a key to continued success.

What are some tricks you have to stay smart and on top of your game every day? I want to hear them!

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