3 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress at Work

May 23, 2016 | Entrepreneurship

It is easy to accept stress as an inevitable part of life and work. Many people think of stress as a positive sign that they’re working hard, and ignore the devastating side effects: loss of productivity, health problems, and much more.

But just because many other people sweep stress issues under the rug, it doesn’t mean you should.

Here are three easy ways to relieve stress at work to boost your success:

Go old school with a digital detox

While Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all well and fun for connecting with people, being constantly plugged in can exacerbate stress in ways that we don’t realize.

When handling a difficult workday, constantly checking your email, social media, etc. can not only be distracting, but can pile on the stress even more by constantly reminding you of your workload. That’s why I often take the time for a digital detox to zap away stress during a hectic day, and you should too. The few minutes invested in being electronic-free are well worth it as one of the best ways to relieve stress at work.

For other non-essential computer communications (sorry to break it to you, but that includes Instagram) consider unplugging completely during the workday. Trust me, when your startup is making it, you will thank yourself for logging out of Facebook.

Remember the big picture

When everything is seemingly going haywire and your stress levels are rising, it’s helpful to step back and look at the big picture. When I have a hectic day, I’ll take a look at LexION’s mission, and that daily stress suddenly seems trivial and manageable in light of the big changes we’re making in finance.

Broadening your perspective for a quick second can switch the mood immediately, and it’s one of the easiest ways to relieve stress at work.

Take it one step at a time

We’ve all had that feeling before: It’s only a Wednesday and you are buried with so much work and responsibilities that you can barely keep your head above water.

It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the ways I relieve stress is by diving headfirst into the workload that’s bothering me. Because even doing something simple like sending an email will allow you to start taking control of your situation and remove those feelings of helplessness and stress.

Focus on what you need to do most immediately, and go from there. Before you know it, you’ll have done more than you ever thought was possible, and you’ll see your stress melting away.

Do you have any ways to relieve stress at work? I want to hear them!

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