3 Powerful Beliefs of Successful Entrepreneurs

May 2, 2016 | Entrepreneurship

What you believe in has a large effect on your success as an entrepreneur. Belief is action: what you believe in ultimately determines what you can (or can’t) do.

That’s why successful entrepreneurs have found a core set of powerful beliefs to help navigate their journey and guide them through it all.

Here are some beliefs of successful entrepreneurs that will help you in your own journey.

They believe others will lift them higher

Successful entrepreneurs don’t believe they have to go at it alone.  Instead, they believe in and harness the power of mentorship to boost their success. What they realized, and you should too, is that the right mentors can inspire, motivate and offer advice that you’d never get by yourself.

I can personally attest that most people are beyond happy to offer their advice and wisdom to others. With mentorship, you can start small: like simply asking a co-worker or colleague for advice on something specific. Once you realize how easy and mutually beneficial it is, you’ll see it snowball from there.

They believe in more than money

Don’t get me wrong: numbers and profitability are what keep businesses afloat and are absolutely essential. In fact, when I advise entrepreneurs, I often have to hammer this home more than once.

However, once they have their financial ducks in a row, passion is one of the biggest beliefs of successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship never involves constant clear skies or steady hours, so you’ll need a burning desire or passion to keep you going. If you don’t have that yet, find some ways to “do well by doing good” and make a positive difference in the world–even if it’s something really small.

They believe in change

I’ve seen it far too many times: entrepreneurs will become so enamored with their “baby” (business idea or product), that they refuse to make the smallest altercation to it.

No matter how hard they’ve worked on a product, or how many hours they’ve put in, successful entrepreneurs avoid this mistake by embracing change. This doesn’t mean you have to surrender every idea right away. But it does mean you have to ask, “Is this the best way to go about it?”, and be willing to accept the same question from others.

What beliefs of successful entrepreneurs do you follow? I want to hear them! If you enjoyed this article, you can find more advice in my column for Inc. Magazine. 

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