3 Phrases That Will Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Sep 14, 2016 | Success

You could have an IQ on par with Einstein’s, but you still won’t get far ahead in business without the other missing success ingredient: EQ. Emotional intelligence is the ability to know and respond to other’s emotional needs. In a collaborative environment, it can make you everything from better-liked to a leader in the workplace.

There’s good news: just like you IQ, it can be sharpened and honed. Here are some phrases to pull it off:

“I made a mistake.”

People with high emotional intelligence aren’t afraid to admit they’ve made a slip-up, even if it’s a small one. They know that total honesty and transparency is more important that appearing to be perfect. Trust me, as a CEO, we eventually know when a mistake has been made, and we’ll appreciate when it’s nipped in the bud right away.

“Great job!”

Ford CEO Alan Mulally frequently leaves handwritten notes to congratulate his employees, and you should (excuse the pun) take a note from him. During a hectic day, bosses and employees alike are guilty of not taking the time to say “thanks” or praise a good job, and they usually aren’t even aware of it. But a little praise goes a long way, so you’re going to need to make this a conscious habit if you want to boost your emotional intelligence.

“Go for it.”

Successful people never say “that can’t be done” right off the bat, so don’t go there. Pessimism and disapproval are the death of innovation, and the best defense is to encourage yourself and others to break out of your comfort zones. This doesn’t mean being a hopeless optimist, but it does mean being an emotionally intelligent leader who encourages others.

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