4 Confidence-Boosting Morning Routines

Aug 17, 2016 | inspiration

Exceptionally confident people weren’t born that way–they got there by making it a habit and flexing their confidence muscles daily. The ultra-confident know that just like when you skip your breakfast, you won’t get very far without your daily dose of confidence in the morning. Here are some ways to give yourself an espresso shot of self-belief as soon as you wake up.

Start incorporating these rituals and habitual confidence will soon become a part of your life:

Wake up refreshed

Studies by the US National Institute of Health have found that sleep is heavily correlated with self-esteem. It is best to get 7-8 hours for optimum confidence!

Schedule a morning date with yourself

The only way you will make yourself a top priority is to schedule alone time first thing in the morning. Your confidence rests in your ability to put yourself first, and it all starts with having a clear mind to take on your day.

Dress better than usual

Studies find that dressing well results in a surge of confidence boosting chemicals. You don’t have to break the bank, but looking professional (even when nobody else does) before you walk out the door will give you self-esteem and take you far in life.

Push it to the limit

If you don’t already exercise, start now. It has been well documented that exercising results in long-lasting self-esteem boosts. A study led by Jaclyn Maher at Penn State University found that pushing your workout for just a few more minutes than usual resulted in even higher self-esteem.


What confidence boosting methods have you discovered? I want to hear them!



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