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An internationally recognized authority on investing, finance, and     entrepreneurship, Elle Kaplan is changing the face of Wall Street.     Elle strives to empower individuals through finance. She founded       her independent asset management firm, Lexion Capital, to make       client-centric, ethical, and transparent wealth management an       accessible reality for millions of Americans. The industry has     taken note: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, CNBC, and Yahoo!     Finance are just a few of those who have featured Elle's story and     recognized Lexion Capital's work in revolutionizing Wall Street.


About Elle

Elle Kaplan, Lexion Capital Management

From a young age, Elle Kaplan knew she had a future in finance. As a child watching Mary Poppins, she couldn't understand why the children in the film gave their tuppence away to feed the birds, rather than put them in the bank where they could accrue interest. 

Hailing from the Midwest, Elle moved to New York City fresh out of undergraduate school, and wasted no time chasing after her dream. When she arrived in New York, she had a degree in English and Chemistry, just $200 in her pocket, and no job. With resourcefulness and unwavering determination, Elle transformed these beginnings into a successful career with some of New York's most reputable finance firms.

At first, Elle was repeatedly turned away. Finally, when interviewing for a job as a receptionist, her interviewers noted her A average and suggested that she would be bored answering phones. Elle agreed, and took the position as Analyst. From there, Elle worked her way up Wall Street, working in investment banking, private equity, asset management, institutional trading, and private banking. Along the way, she earned her Executive MBA in Finance from Columbia University while working full time.

Known for her tenacity and unwavering commitment to her clients, Elle amassed an impressive list of clientele and established several ironclad relationships. However, despite her success, Elle wasn't satisfied with what she saw. Her approach was to place her clients first, but all too many of the people around her were not doing the same. She struggled to find a bank where "Main Street" was respected; where the clients' needs were more important than those of the firm. A place where women's needs were represented, and where there was transparency and honesty in business practices.

When she could not find such a firm, Elle decided to move her flourishing career in a new direction and start a firm of her own. After years of careful planning, Elle launched LexION Capital Management in 2010 with the objective of providing top-tier asset management and investment advice--her way. Her most recent venture, LexION Capital Access, was launched in 2012 to offer the same high-caliber financial management and planning, but with a lower minimum--part of Elle's greater vision to make the best asset management an achievable reality for millions of everyday Americans.

Elle has a passion for investing in today's markets. She's a savvy investor with strong opinions, and prides herself and the company on giving honest and direct advice. Her creative and client-centric approach ensures that each client benefits from customized, innovative strategies in confronting the current economic climate. At LexION Capital, the client's best interests are always the number-one priority. The firm's ethos, and a mantra Elle drills into each employee, is grounded in the question: "Is this advice good enough for your Mom? Would this investment keep Mom safe?"

Elle and the dedicated employees at LexION Capital strive to empower individuals to understand their finances, and the LexION team seeks to demystify the capital markets by carefully explaining how their customized strategies meet each client's specific goals.


Elle has a Masters in Business Administration from Columbia University, and her undergraduate degree in Chemistry and English from the University of Michigan.  She is an active patron of various artistic groups and wildlife causes. Elle is a regular guest speaker at conferences and lectures in the New York tri-state area on finance, investing, and entrepreneurship. She is also an active mentor and volunteer, teaching high school and college students about the subject she is most passionate about: the financial markets.

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