An internationally recognized authority on investing, finance, and    entrepreneurship, Elle Kaplan is changing the face of Wall Street. Elle strives to empower individuals through finance. She founded her independent asset management firm, Lexion Capital, to make client-centric, ethical, and transparent wealth management an accessible reality for millions of Americans. The industry has taken note: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, CNBC, and Yahoo! Finance are just a few of those who have featured Elle's story and recognized Lexion Capital's work in revolutionizing Wall Street.

Elle Kaplan is the CEO and Founding Partner of LexION Capital Management, a wealth-management firm with a singular mission: to serve the best interests of our clients with ethical and transparent asset management services. LexION Capital's sole priority is to make your wealth work as hard for you as you worked to amass it. Elle chose to leave her Wall Street career so she could build a firm that provides ethical, transparent, and client-focused services. She is dedicated to her vision of setting the new, higher standard on Wall Street, and she strives to demystify financial matters so that everyday individuals are empowered to take control of their financial lives.